About Us

Our years of experience at the premium end of the travel industry.   This allows us to a draw on a wealth of knowledge that spans the four corners of the globe.

After carefully ascertaining your travel requirements we immerse ourselves in the possibilities, seeking out unique opportunities and hidden gems to make your experience unforgettable.

From a hot air balloon trip over the Sahara to a winter wedding in Moscow. A meditation retreat in the shadow of a Buddhist monastery or a master class in Italian cuisine within the fresco filled walls of a Sienese villa.

No brief is too deliciously elaborate or too wonderfully simple.

We pride ourselves on ensuring every detail is considered and every step seamless so you can and slip into your perfectly tailored and immaculately presented journey.


At the heart of Travel Tonic is Travel Agent and Broker, Tracy Ellingham.  As a true professional and connoisseur of travel, she makes an ideal partner and guardian of your travel planning.